It’s a little odd to think of a 4th grader who says he’d been thinking about creating a company for a long time. I mean, how long can a 4th grader have been thinking anyway? However, for Anshul Samar it was long enough. In 4th grade he finally figured out what he wanted to do. He would create a chemistry-based card game.

Reality hit when Anshul found out it would take a “long time” (long time to him that is) to perfect his concoction of chemistry education and fun. In fact, it took dozens of prototypes and help from his teachers, advisers, artists from all over the world, gurus, friends, and family before Elementeo, the first product of Anshul’s company, was released.

Alchemist Empire, Inc., the company that Anshul created while still in middle school, is the proud owner of an incredible chemistry game! In Elementeo, you can create compounds, combat elements, and conquer chemistry in a game that anyone from kids to scientists can enjoy! In fact, students at Stanford and Berkley have really enjoyed the game and have become very competitive with it –a game thought up by a 4th grader mind you.

Quitting school to pursue his business wasn’t an option for Anshul. He liked school so much he didn’t even think of doing that. Instead, he spent one hour a day or so during the week, and five-six hours on the weekends working towards developing his business. While the process was slow, he kept at it.

Anshul’s dad was an entrepreneur himself which did help a bit to inspire him to start a business in the first place. However, his dad had no experience in the gaming world of business and they lived in the Silicon Valley where games were not the business model. Those road blocks weren’t enough to stop Anshul.

In 6th grade, Anshul applied for a grant from the California Association for the Gifted. They awarded him $500. That money was his lifeline and got him through two years of development. The help of that $500 has inspired Anshul to use the success of his business to help fund other young entrepreneurs with start-up money. He feels that there are lots of other young people like himself with great ideas but no one who believes in them and no money to get started with.

Like many kid entrepreneurs the whole family is involved in his business–his dad as an adviser, his mom doing orders and shipping, and his younger sister working on Elementeo Kids, a version of the game for kids in grades one to three. He found that many top people in the industry were quite helpful in talking with him and sharing ideas.

Anshul says that his entrepreneurial journey has been a wild adventure, but that his experience proves that anyone, no matter their age, can indeed create reality out of dreams. Even if those dreams have been haunting a 4th grader for a long time.

To learn more about Elementeo, you can visit Anshul’s website at

Image Credit(s): Youtube
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