Most of us have a desire to improve, but do we really make good progress toward our goals? Tom Mendoza has been using a 90-day goal setting plan since 1989 with great results. It all started after he read that 90% of high performance people have time-bound measurable goals. Tom has since personally validated that fact for himself–with his own goals and with many other people to whom he has taught this system as well.

Tom’s system all revolves around setting three personal and three professional goals that are measurable and will be done in 90 days. The other important key is to write these goals down.

Tom points out that most of us are told over and over what we can’t do or become, but successful people ignore that noise and move on anyway.

Your personal goals should be ones that are going to make you feel good. When you feel good about yourself, you are going to act different! By setting your goals and reaching them, you are going to change your perspective about yourself. As a result, others will notice that difference and respond to you accordingly.

Your business goals are goals that you will run by your boss and those that you serve inside your company. By getting feedback, you are able to refine what will give you the best results over the next 90 days.

If this sounds valuable to you, then listen to Tom Mendoza explain how this all works in the following video.

You can also read a text version of these concepts here.

If you want to make some progress in life ,you need to get started following the advice that Tom has shared. Remember, the real key is doing this consistently over many 90-day cycles.

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Image Credit(s): Youtube
via Forbes

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