The Amazon River is an amazing creation to behold. It is the second longest river in the world, but this river carries more water to the sea than the next 7 largest rivers–combined! The drainage basin for the Amazon is about 2.7 million square miles.

The width of the river changes dramatically during the year, and of course, it depends on the flood stage. In the drier season, the Amazon can be anywhere  from one to six miles wide, but during the wet season it can widen to 30 miles or more in some places! Incredible!

The official beginning of the Amazon is a small glacial stream on an 18,363 foot (5,597 m) peak in the Andes called Nevado Mismi. The official end the Amazon flows into the Atlantic Ocean in a broad estuary about 150 miles wide–with the main river being about 50 miles wide as it meats the ocean. Enjoy the photos!

Central Amazon River

Central Amazon River

Photograph by NASA


Amazon River in Brazil

Nice reflections with the contrasting colors.

Amazon River in Brazil

Photograph by CIFOR


Bridge to Amazon River in Brazil

A long walk out to the river!

Bridge to Amazon River in Brazil

Photograph by marek.krzystkiewicz


Amazon Tributary in Northwest Brazil

Amazon Tributary NW Brazil

Photograph by womby68


Solimoes River and Negro River Join

The muddy water in the foreground is the water from the Solimoes River and the darker water further out is from the Negro river. In Brazil, the Amazon is called the Salimoes in the upper stretches before it reaches the Negro.

Meeting of the Waters - Amazon

Photograph by Wutzofant


Satellite Image of Geo Cover of Mouth of Amazon River 1990

The populated areas show up red and the vegetation is obviously green.

Geocover of Mouth of Amazon River

Photograph by NASA


Satellite Image of Amazon River in the Rainforest

The designs from the clouds and the lakes are very interesting.

Amazon Satelite

Photograph by NASA


Mangrove and Woodland Near Amazon River

Mangrove and Woodland near Amazon River

Photograph by Cesar Peas Barreto


Amazon Meets the Tapajos River

The different ph and temperature of the two rivers keeps the water separate for several miles. The photographer used a kite to capture this photo.

Amazon River Meets Rio Tapajos

Photograph by Pierre Lesage


Amazon River in Peru

Amazon River in Peru

Photograph by LollyKnit


Aerial View of Amazon River at Manaus, Brazil

Amazon River Manaus, Brazil

Photograph by CIFOR


Hop on a Virtual Flight Over the Amazon River and Rainforest

Video by CIFOR

Sunset on the Amazon

Photo taken near Itacoatiara, Amazonas, Brazil

Sunset on the Amazon

Photograph by Fernando Stankuns


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