She could read when she was three. At age 12 she charges $300 for a 50 minute lesson on how to write. She’s been paid $10,000 to speak in the corporate world, and she spoke at the annual TED event.

“TED.” The word brings thoughts of highly intelligent, creative, amazingly brilliant speakers to my mind. In one TED presentation, someone from India demonstrated a new device that rocked the world of what’s imaginably technically possible. TED is where people like Jane Goodall, Brian Green, Al Gore, and Bill Gates present ideas. In a nutshell, you’ve got to be something ultra special to speak at a TED event.

TED event organizers have been brilliant enough themselves to realize that not all great ideas come from the rich and famous. In fact, their youngest speaker was only 12-years old–an author and teacher named Adora Svitak.

Here’s a kid who takes her place in this world responsibly–a kid who doesn’t sit around waiting to grow up. Adora is no newbie when it comes to getting things done. She is a published author of three books so far.  Her first book, Flying Fingers, was published when she was only 7-years old. She reads several books each day and loves teaching people how to write. Teaching via distance and online learning, her daily web casts reach over 200,000 people. Microsoft hired Adora to do educational computing demonstrations.

Adora obviously has opinions. It’s important for us to realize the potential of a child.  Kids can think and put those thoughts into meaningful words and actions. Adora Svitak did, and does.

To learn more about Adora, visit her website at

Image Credit(s): Youtube
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