She’s a child who has been interesting to me for a few years now. Because she’s been featured on nearly 50 international television shows and documentaries, you may have heard about her. Her artistic masterpieces sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. She’s obviously gifted to a huge degree, and she attributes it to visions from God that started when she was a non-religious four-year-old girl.

Akiane Kramarik comes from a family of prodigies, but it’s important to note that there are no artists in her family history. She believes the gift came directly from God to bring inspiration and hope to humanity. As such, she and her family take her gift very seriously.

The only girl in a family of five children, Akiane’s schooling is now highly nontraditional. Her parents have chosen, after trying public and private school, to keep their children at home and provide a supportive learning environment that is child-led. The term for this is “unschooling” and has growing interest among many parents. This type of learning environment allows Akiane to focus on what she does best and not fill her mind with lots of “unnecessary” facts and figures.

Akiane Shares About Her Paintings – Video Part 1

Akiane Shares About Her Paintings – Video Part 2

If Akiane’s mother and father didn’t support her gifts and calling in life as they do, she would likely be a child struggling in school– a child wanting to develop this burning desire inside her but caught within a system of education that all but ignores who she was created to be. While they likely receive some negative press, about their educational choices for their daughter, from folks who think all children need to learn the same things, it’s obvious Akiane is happy. She’ll pick up who the presidents of the United States were if she ever chooses to paint a portrait of them. For now, the presidents’ names can rest with the child masters of history.

To learn more about Akiane, visit her website.

Image Credit(s): Youtube
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