For Billy Ray Harris, it started like any other another normal day. Sure, it was cold, but he was quite used to dealing with that while he collected coins to help feed himself. Being homeless wasn’t a cakewalk for sure, but when folks went by and actually gave him something in his collection cup, it warmed his heart.

However, this day started a train of events that would forever change Billy Ray’s life. Sarah Darling saw him asking for help and graciously emptied her entire coin purse into his awaiting cup. What neither Sarah or Billy Ray noticed at that point was that Sarah had actually accidentally “given” away her diamond engagement ring–which she’d taken off earlier and absentmindedly put into her coin purse for safe keeping.

Watch the videos to hear what happens.

But that’s not the end of the story. When complete strangers heard what happened, they wanted to also give Billy Ray a reward. 

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To follow the story with interviews and updates, visit the fundraiser page that Sarah’s husband, Bill Krejci set up at GiveForward.

Image Credit(s): Youtube
Source(s): GiveForward

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