What motivates you? That is the topic of this RSA animate video taken from a talk given by Dan Pink, based on his book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. It raises some interesting questions and should get you thinking.

One of the questions raised is how effective is the carrot and stick method of motivation?

Now, while the concepts might relate to business in the video, you could also think about it in relation to parenting. Does the old carrot and the stick mentality really produce the results you want?

It’s interesting that if you pay people enough so that they don’t need to think about the pay, then they can focus on the work and will produce better results. However, this seems to work best for conceptual types of jobs–jobs where people need to think. The idea is that it leads to engagement on the part of the employe and they become self-directed in their work.

Notice how the Australian Company Atlassian, a software company, uses these principle discussed by Dan at about 5:38 into the video.

One of the concepts that Dan discusses is that people like to connect to a higher purpose in life. I think this makes sense. Now, if you are a parent how could this relate to kids? Is it possible that kids would like to be connected to a high purpose and could it help them be more motivated?

Some interesting things to think about. What jumped out at you from watching this video? Please share below.

Image Credit(s): Youtube
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