While she was just a teen, her website received several times more traffic than the readership of the Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and CosmoGirl magazines combined. In fact, her website topped at nearly one million teenage girls visiting her site every day. She didn’t intend for that to happen.

Ashley Qualls, born in 1990, was just playing around with a hobby. She was just a 14-year-old kid who loved designing MySpace page layouts. She set up a website to share her creations with other girls and gave them away for free. Girls loved the ability to cut and paste the cutesy layouts onto their MySpace page just about as much as they liked changing their outfits. They loved her site so much that she had more web traffic than CBS.com!

Girls loved Ashley’s work so much that she ended up dropping out of school, buying a house to contain her business, and hiring her mom and some friends from school to help keep up with her hobby-turned business. To finance the operation she put ads on her site. Companies hoping to target girls ranging in age from 12-19 years old paid big bucks to get a spot on her site. In fact, her site had so much pull with advertisers that she was offered a whopping $1.5 million plus a $100,000 car if she’d sell the site. She didn’t take them up on their offer.

Running a business, while piles of fun, has proven challenging for Ashley as she shares on her MySpace page. She says she’s nothing really special–she just has a busy life. It’s been interesting trying to balance fun, work, and relationships with her booming business, but she loves it. She gets to create, give things away for free, employ her friends, and is paid to do it. Now that’s a life!

For some unknown reason, at the publishing of this story Ashley’s huge website doesn’t seem to be working. However, if you’d like to learn more about her, you can do a Google search for Ashley Qualls.

Image Credit(s): Youtube
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