At only 12 years old, this girl had already amazed thousands of people with her incredible command of both musical composition and violin playing. Aubree Oliverson is one of those kids that every violin-toting child wishes they could become. Amazing. Her skills, obviously both hereditary and the result of lots of painstaking work, speak volumes of the incredible things of which kids are capable. People like to call her a modern Mozart. And for good reason!

Aubree began her musical career on the piano at age four and composed her first song at age five. It was clear from her early experience on the piano that she not only loved music but loved to create. At age six, shortly after attending a solo violin concert for a family friend at a nearby university, on a whim Aubree’s father brought home a violin. Aubree’s mother quickly commented that “I guess we need to find a teacher!.”

Sample from Aubree’s Musical Performances

From the time first time Aubree touched the violin it was evident that she had a gift for this instrument. She progressed technically at a lightning pace, and all the while used the violin to give a voice to the rich original music that is a part of her. With the added advantage of having a personal “built-in” accompanist in the person of her gifted composer-pianist father, Aubree began doing public concerts and performances of her music at age eight. Performing under the name Moon Light, Aubree and her father Stephen have now produced and recorded two beautiful CD’s full of stunning, refreshing original music and have shared their sound in venues throughout western America.

Now at age twelve, Aubree has been recognized three different times as a Utah state and national winner for composition. She has composed music for solo violin, chamber music, duets, and piano.—and Aubree has composed most of the violin parts for the Moon Light performances and CDs. Not only has she brought a unique, masterful sound into the world, she has graced the stage as one of America’s top virtuoso’s thrilling audiences with her poise and skill as she has soloed with the Utah Symphony at age eleven. She was a Utah division winner in the International Stradivarius Competition, and won the prestigious Salute-To-Youth Competition in 2009. Aubree was a two-time member and Principal violinist with National Suzuki Orchestra, and is now a member of the Gifted Music School Orchestra where she is also a principal violin and has soloed on many occasions.

Aubree Performing an Arrangement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata

In 2011 Aubree and her father will co-produce and record their third original CD which will include a Chamber piece for two violins and cello, and a piano chamber piece for two violins and piano completely written by Aubree. They have also been invited next year for two weeks of performances in China among other upcoming venues.

Aubree has attended public schools and also has augmentative homeschooling. She has excelled in virtually everything she has done. She was her school’s Hope Of America award winner and won her school’s storytelling contest. Aubree has three county swim records for butterfly, freestyle and breaststroke. She has won both junior triathlons she has entered, and is an excellent gymnast. Aubree is also an excellent poet, artist and student. She has always had the desire and drive to practice until she reaches her lofty goals.

The biggest challenge that she and her parents say they face is finding and balancing her practice time, performing schedule, school schedule, and the other hobbies and interests she has. It has been difficult for Aubree to have to give up other interests, in which she excels, in order to spend the time necessary for her to reach her goals in music.

Aubree has performed over 100 times in the year 2010, including at over 35 schools throughout the inter-mountain west, sharing her skill, music, and Aubree Oliversonmotivational message with students her age. She is a natural on stage and loves to perform, which makes the daily grind of practice and the choices to give up other interests a bit easier to take.

Her parents say that she is a dream to parent as Aubree has always trusted them and her teachers advice, following directions to a tee. She is loving and kind friend to all. They say that one important piece of advice they have for other parents of children with exceptional musical ability is to realize for the child to reach his or her potential, the parent must be just as committed to hard work and discipline as the child.

Aubree (and her dad) would love the opportunity to perform at a performing arts center near you. To contact them to schedule a concert or to order CDs, please visit their website.

To keep up with Aubree’s latest news, visit her Facebook page.

Story and images submitted by Stephen Oliverson and edited by Kama. Thanks so much for sharing!

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