When I first saw her video it was obvious that she’s about as cute as they come–literally. At only six years old, Kaitlyn Maher’s musical voice holds the pureness you can only get from a child this small.

When she’d just turned four she became the youngest person to make it as a top 10 Finalist on America’s Got Talent. Her incredibly sweet voice was enough to make any heart melt. It seemed the crowds loved her because she truly embodied the spirit of young children everywhere.

Her story is an interesting one to those of us who wonder how children actually get to the point of being on a big TV show. Kaitlyn was born in January 2004 in Michigan. She began singing when she was just one year old. Her parents actually thought she had a problem because she sang so much–even to the point of staying awake at night singing to herself. After visiting the doctor to find out, Kaitlyn’s parents learned that she simply loved to sing.

She didn’t get public attention until some America’s Got Talent producers saw a little video on Youtube of her singing for a birthday party. The producers called her parents and asked if they would allow her to audition for the show.

That call changed Kaitlyn’s life, or should we say, uploading that birthday party video was a life-changing decision. Her parents asked her if singing on the NBC show was something she wanted to do. She did. Her biggest wish and actual prayer to Jesus was to be able to stand under the falling confetti. While she didn’t ultimately win, she did get her biggest wish. The final winner was thoughtful enough to hold her up under the falling, sparkling confetti.

Kaitlyn is an incredibly busy girl now doing singing and voice-overs, as well as acting in movies and commercials. She has appeared on television shows, in newspaper stories, and on websites around the world. In addition to live shows and movie making, Kaitlyn has recorded several albums featuring her adorable young voice.

Watch the Birthday Video That Changed Kaitlyn’s Life

See Kaitlyn’s First Appearance on America’s Got Talent

Kaitlyn as Semi-Finalist on America’s Got Talent

Kaitlyn Singing at 8 Years Old

The reception this child has received from America and the world proves to us parents that the world loves the purity and softness that children exude through their talents. Unfortunately, many children are not given the chance to share and affect the world as Kaitlyn has.

Just because she is a singing sensation now doesn’t mean that she’s any more angelic than your own kids. Kaitlyn loves just being a kid. She loves to read, and enjoys ballet and swimming as well as kissing her adorable baby brother.  I know the Mahers have received a fair amount of flack from bloggers criticizing them for allowing their young daughter to be on a big show with potentially overwhelming factors to a young child.  I personally applaud the Mahers for letting the world be inspired by all the potential in their young adorable daughter, because most parents tend to push their kid’s total potential under the rug in pursuit of their own convenience or interests.

To follow Kaitlyn’s developing life, visit KaitlynMaher.com

Image Credit(s): Youtube
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