Marko Calasan from Skopje, Macedonia is a bit different for his age. At nine years old he is the youngest IT (Information Technology) professional having passed the MCSE exam from Microsoft. As a result Marko is being called the Mozart of computers by some and a genius by others. The word prodigy has also been used.

Marko learned to read and write by the age of two which by itself is remarkable. He doesn’t like to waste time. Rather then read comics or play computer games Marko reads IT books and participates in IT forums discussing high level computing issues. He has also written a book. And did we mention he speaks three languages and is learning a fourth.

Pause for a moment and think about what your child might be capable of. Are you giving them the resources, time, attention and love to reach their potential? Marko is still a kid.  He loves to play with his friends and really enjoys  football (soccer to Americans).

Marko also enjoys teaching other kids about computers. He has a computer lab at an elementary school where he teaches kids computer basics.

When he grows up Marko would like to develop a new operating system–not something your average nine-year-old boy is planning. Have you talked with your child about their dreams for the future? You can help them realize that planning ahead offers many benefits in life.

Marko hopes to move to the United States where he believes he will have more opportunity to be around high-end technology and also be closer to the computer giant Microsoft.

Below is a short video report on Marko.

You can also visit Marko on Facebook.

It is interesting to note a psychology professor who has worked with Marko believes that the supportive family environment he has grown up with is partially responsible for his above average intelligence. Marko’s mom says she and the boy are close friends, like best friends. His parents say they talk about everything with him.

What role does your home environment play in helping or hindering your child to succeed? Share your thoughts on this story…

Image Credit(s): Youtube
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