It all started when he was 5 years old. It might have been the fault of his red wagon–no one knows for sure. Whatever the reason, Cameron Johnson‘s door-to-door vegetable selling success infected him. In fact, he got infected so bad that by the age of 9 he was his school’s top raffle ticket seller. However, that type of achievement and recognition wasn’t enough.

When his parents gave him a computer and printer that same year he went into business again. This time he made money off his friends and family members by printing and selling them greeting cards, stationary, and other related things. Always on the lookout for another opportunity, Cameron found one in his sister’s collection of 30 Beanie Babies. Paying her $100 for them, he turned that investment into 5,000 Beanie Babies.  Working out of his parents’ basement, with his eBay business idea he turned a whopping profit. By the time he was 12-years old he was making $50,000 per year.

22 Year-Old Cameron Talking About His Life History

Cameron ended up starting 12 companies before he was 21. By the time he was in high school his online advertising company was making $15,000 per day. Johnson said that if he hadn’t been so young when he started playing with businesses, he wouldn’t have tried as many things. He also wouldn’t have started and failed so many times. Ultimately, he doesn’t think he would be as successful as he is today.

And how successful is Cameron Johnson?  In short, very. Before turning 16, he was asked to be on the advisory board of FutureKids, a Tokyo-based company. He was also on the board of Sega America. Now, at 25, after some incredibly lucrative business successes Cameron is mostly busy with speaking engagements throughout the world, writing, and working with a variety of non-profits. He also has been a finalist on Oprah Winfrey’s first prime series, The Big Give, and as a host on Season 4 of Beat the Boss.

Cameron’s story is an important one. Being given the opportunity to try and fail multiple times as a youngster, when he didn’t have mortgages to pay or school bills to keep up with, allowed him the opportunity to ultimately succeed. As many say, you cannot succeed without failure. Give your kids the chance to fail, and they’ll be given the chance to succeed. Don’t limit your child to only trying and failing once or twice. Let them keep at it. Keep encouraging them, find them mentors, and stand behind them during the best learning experiences of their lives.

Cameron is the author the book, You Call the Shots: Succeed Your Way and Life the Life You Want. 19 Essential Secrets of Entrepreneurship. You can order the book here.

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