She could read when she was just 9 months old. However, she almost lost her life before she was born. In early pregnancy, Cammie Guillermo’s mother had a terribly scary episode with spontaneous abortion bleeding. Miraculously, however, Cammie was born healthy and ready to learn.

Obviously overjoyed at being able to hold this life which she almost lost, Cammie’s mother researched for methods to help support her baby’s development. Her efforts were blessed, because since being born, Cammie has been advanced in almost all stages of development: sat-up at 4-mos, crawled at 5-months, climbed staircases, walked at 11-months, etc.

In addition to physical development support, Cammie was also started on reading and encyclopedic knowledge using Glenn Doman’s “bits” when she turned 3-months old. Her learning schedule wasn’t strict, but it was consistent. The biggest effort was staying up late at night to make new flashcards to keep-up with her. At every lesson, Cammie showed enthusiasm so her parents continued.

At 8-months old, her parents gave her problem-solving opportunities using flashcards. She answered by touching the correct card each time. To this date, she still remembers the hundreds of “bits” that were shown to her at that young age, some dating back when she was a tiny 4-month old.

Identifying Flashcards at 8-months

At just 9-months old, Cammie showed that she could sight-read by doing the corresponding “sign” for the word-card that was shown to her. She started sight-reading just about 6 or 7 words, but her vocabulary rapidly expanded to more than a hundred sight words in just a few weeks.

Reading at 9-months

Reading Handwriting

Reading at 11-months

Her parents introduced the alphabet and phonics at 14-months old. She learned all the letters and their sounds in just 5-days. She learned to “sight-read” a little more than a hundred words and almost immediately transitioned to reading ANY word phonetically. One day, on her 15th month, she surprised her parents by saying out loud “Dickies” – the brand-name of her dad’s sunglasses. Since then, she began reading random words everywhere – store names at the mall, street signs, brand-names of appliances, etc.

Letter Sounds

At 19-months she was reading sentences in books, newspapers, magazines, adult books, and the likes. She also learned to identify almost all of the 50 states.

Identifying States

Reading Sentences

Today, she is an incredibly articulate and imaginative 25-month old. She can express herself in full sentences with fantastic grammar. She is even particular with the correct possessive forms of nouns and plural forms. She makes those around her laugh all day. She’s a little huggable vocabulary machine. Teaching and learning with her has been the most enjoyable experience her parents say they have ever had.

(Note: If you’re interested in resources to help your baby learn to read,  you can check out a program called Brillkids. Their program is simple and easy to use, much like how Cammie learned.)

Photos and story submitted by Vanessa and Donald Guillermo and edited by Kama. Thanks so much for sharing!

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