Apparently, yes you can solve jet lag with a shower–but not your typical shower. Delta Airlines unveiled a futuristic photon light shower that is designed to wash away your jet leg. The photon shower was shown at the 2013 TED conference in Long Beach, California. The research behind this new “shower” is based on research by neuroscience Professor Russel Foster of Oxford.

The problem with jet lag is that at 4 am, your cognitive ability is impaired to the point of being legally drunk. So, when you get to your destination, this 4 am low point can occur during the middle of the day and really make life challenging until your body adjusts.

A photon shower can use light that behaves like sunlight to cause your body to adjust to the new time zone faster. Basically there are photoreceptor cells in the eye that have gone unnoticed until Foster’s research. Even in blind people, these receptors still work, allowing the person to adjust to the proper light cycle.

Here is a quick rundown. If you are traveling west, you would want to seek out light early in the day to help yourself adjust. However, if you are traveling east, it’s more difficult because you need to avoid morning light and then seek afternoon light. The photon shower easily helps reprogram your body to the new light/dark cycle at your destination.

Check out this quick video overview of the photon shower.


If you are interested in understanding more of the science behind the photon shower, here is a video of Professor Foster explaining how this works. It’s just under 14 minutes long.

You just might find more of these machines showing up at airports in the near future, and maybe we’ll all find jet lag a things of the past.

Image Credit(s): facebook
via: travelers today

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