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Coconut Oil Helps Alzheimers (And Other Things)

We got rid of most of our oils in kitchen now, except coconut oil. Why? If you watch this video you will get a pretty good idea. One thing they don't mention is that coconut oil doesn't degrade when heated (like using it in a frying pan). Other oils do.

Make sure you get pure, virgin coconut oil, preferably unrefined. However, if you are using it for cooking, then the LouAnn variety (as shown in the video and available at WalMart) will work just fine. But for therapeutic purposes, go for the high grade stuff. Very mild taste. One suggestion to test for quality is that the purest coconut oil is clear like water when melted. Less quality oil tends to have a yellow tint when melted instead of being crystal clear.

Image Credit(s): MorgueFile

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