Located in the interior of Alaska is the Denali National Park and Preserve. Mt. McKinley, which is the highest mountain in North America at 20,320 ft (6,194 m) above sea level, dominates the landscape. The park was established in 1917 to help preserve this vast wilderness for all to enjoy. Each year the park gets about 400,000 visitors.

Access to the park is limited and there is one 91-mile road into the park. Only 15 of the first miles are open to private vehicles. To get beyond the first 15 miles, you have to have a campground reservation at one of the campgrounds farther up the road or you take a bus that will take you to the end of the road. There are also some private lodges at the end of the road as well and you can take a bus and stay at the lodges in the heart of the park if you like.

On the drive into the park, you will pass through low elevation taiga forest that transitions into high alpine tundra and snowy mountains with the highlight being North America’s tallest mountain. As you can imagine, there are plenty of wild animals from small ground squirrels to the large bears to watch for during a journey through the park.

Now sit back and enjoy a virtual tour through this great park.

Overview of Denali National Park


Denali National Park Bus Trip


Flight-seeing Over Mt. McKinley


The Summit of Mt. McKinley


Share this experience with your friends. If you’d been to Denali National Park, let us know if you saw the mountain (Mt. McKinley) because only a small percentage of people get to see it due to weather conditions.

Image Credit(s): Arthur Chapman
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