This young man, Errick Smith celebrated his 16th birthday by setting a new world record in aviation. Errick became the youngest to solo not only an airplane but also a helicopter. Oh, and you should know, it wasn’t just one helicopter. It was two.

As I understand it on July 21, 2008, Errick, became the youngest pilot to solo both a helicopter and an airplane. Errick flew a Cessna 172 which is a typical trainer airplane, but also flew the Robinson R22 and Schweizer 300 helicopters. Now that is an exciting 16th birthday! Errick has been interested in flying since at least the age of 8 and looks forward to becoming more involved in aviation and making a career out of it.

“I have always been one to aim big and never give up on my dreams,” Smith said. “Hard work, determination and sticking with it paid off this time. I would also like to spread my story as much as possible in hopes that others my age and even younger will discover their dreams, whether they be aviation related or not, and realize that nothing is out of their reach!”

Now that sounds like a kid that knows what he is after. If more kids could catch a vision and get on a mission they too could accomplish great things. There are lots of kids here on Tootlee that have a passion. It’s our passion to help parents and kids be inspired and realize that they too can do hard things and accomplish what might even seem impossible.

In this case, Errick, according to his mother, has always had an interest in aviation. But not all kids show strong interests in one thing. If they do, it can be easy for parents to help them pursue their goals, but other kids have talents that don’t get discovered until they are given a chance. As parents, it’s important to let your kids try different things. Thus through a variety of opportunities, you might help them discover a passion or a hidden talent.

Here are a couple videos about Errick’s great 16th birthday flying adventure.

How about letting your child learn to fly? Check out Young Eagles and see how you can give your child a chance to learn about aviation.


Image Credit: Youtube

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