Recently Dustin Chohen put together a short film highlighting shoemaker Frank Catalfumo’s life. What makes this story great is that Frank is 91 years old. He’s been involved with shoe making since 4th grade. It all started when he began helping his father after school and he’s been doing it ever since. Well, he took a brief “break” in the military during WWII, but then it was back to shoe making.

In 1945 Frank opened his own shop called F&C Shoes in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York and he’s still there working today. Now his son Michael works with him. Frank says he’s not the retiring sort so you’ll find him in his shop 5 days a week. He says you got to keep moving in life. That’s a good way to approach life.

There’s a lot that’s changed in the world over the years. Frank recalls the days when for $1.50 they but a new sole and heal on a man’s shoe. Now days that amount of money won’t even buy shoelaces.

Take a few moments and watch ‘The Shoemaker‘ above and share your thoughts below in the comments. You’ll get a kick out of seeing his shop, it’s a real throw back in time.

Image Credit(s): Vimeo
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