Some children are good at doing things most adults are not, and we must admit we’ve seen only a few adults able to do what little Romanian Giuliano Stroe can! By exercising regularly with his dad, Giuliano is now considered the world’s strongest child, and he has entered the Guinness Book of World Records by performing 20 push-ups, on his hands, without any other kind of support!

Now that’s something no other 5 year old is able to do, and Giuliano has his father to thank for his amazing physical condition. A former bodybuilder, boxer and martial artist, his father continues to go to the gym regularly, and Giuliano never misses a training session either!

Giuliano would probably have remained unknown had it not been for Youtube. Movies of Giuliano’s feats were accessed by hundreds of thousands of people and he first managed to enter into the Guinness Book of World Records by walking on his hands, for 10 meters, while holding a weight between his legs.

Giuliano breaking a world record!

Another World Record broken!

Have you ever tried anything like that? We’re amazed to see that a child Giuliano’s age can have so much strength and still have just as much fun as any other 5 year old. He loves to watch cartoons and play with his friends, and although some feel he’s doing too much training for his age, that’s something we’ll have to let he and his father decide.

We’re certainly going to be keeping an eye on little Giuliano, because if he continues at this pace he’s certainly going to break a lot more world records!

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Image Credit(s): Youtube
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