In what seems to be a quest to map the whole world, Google has now added street view images from the top of Mount Elbrus. Mount Elbrus is a dormant volcano in the western Caucasus mountain range in Russia near the border with the country of Georgia. This mountain has twin peaks–an East and West peak. The West summit rises to 18,510 feet (5,642 meters) which is the highest point in Europe and West Asia just edging out Mount Damavand in Iran by 106 feet (32 meters). The East summit is just a litter lower then the other summit at 18,442 feet (5,621 meters).

Mount Elbrus has a permanent ice cap that feeds 22 glaciers, which feed into several rivers. The dormant volcano is thought to have last erupted between 0 and 100 AD.


Mount Elbrus From The South Looking North

Elbrus Looking North

Photograph by Александр Сорель


Google Street View from Top of Mount Elbrus (Looking West)

Click here for the Google street view – do a 360 degree pan when you get there.

Mount Elbrus Google Street View


Google Street View Looking South

Mount Elbrus Looking South West


Mount Elbrus From the East Looking West

Mount Elbrus from East

Photograph by LxAndrew

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