Sometimes government just doesn’t get things done fast enough. But now a beautiful wooden pedestrian bridge links two parts of the city of Rotterdam that were previously cut off to foot traffic due to roads with lots of traffic. According to the local government schedule, the bridge wouldn’t get build for another 30 some years.

Well, the people said enough and a dream was hatched. People rallied around the bridge project and through private donations, the people themselves have built the bridge. It’s called Luchtsingel and is made up of 17,000 individual wooden planks each with the name of the person who payed for it.

The hope is that by making this area of Rotterdam walkable again, it will encourage more small business in the area.

I think this is a great example of what can be done when people come together for a good cause–building up communities and connecting them.

Watch this video about the project.

Can you think of a project in your area that could use crowdfunding?

Image Credit(s): vimeo
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