He was just singing for a talent show at his school. Sixth grader Greyson Chance did that night what he had done many times before, since he was a tiny kid–sing and play the piano. However, one thing was different that night in April, 2010–his dad’s video camera was running, and that one difference changed Greyson’s life forever because the video was uploaded toYouTube. His older brother sent a little note to the Ellen DeGeneres Show suggesting that she watch the clip. Two weeks later he was on national television being interviewed by Ellen herself.

Greyson’s Talent Show Video

Greyson Tells His Story on the Ellen Show

A week after that first interview, Greyson was asked to be on Ellen’s show again where he was told he’d be the first recording artist signed on to her new record label, eleveneleven. It’s a dream of a lifetime for him. Ever since he watched Lady Gaga perform “Paparazzi” he knew that’s what he wanted to do with his life.

Born on August 16, 1996, Greyson grew up singing. His mom, Lisa says she hardly remembers a time when he didn’t sing. He’s never taken vocal lessons but has an uncanny ability to hear a song and know exactly what he wants to do with it. When he was 8-years old, he began three years of piano lessons. In addition to signing and piano, he composes his own music which he has received numerous compliments on.

The thing about Greyson that really stands out, besides his amazing natural ability, is his comfort in front of cameras and audiences. He exudes a comfort level that is akin to growing up onstage though that is not the case. Many people seem comfortable in front of cameras, but Greyson seems beyond comfortable. It’s amazing!

Obvious support from his parents, Scott and Lisa Chance, along with his 19-year-old brother Tanner and 16-year-old sister Alexa, both musicians, has helped make Greyson what he is today. His family has had to deal with a huge amount of media attention. However, videos and photos of Greyson show that he is loving it. He’s in his element and because of that we’re all blessed.

To learn more about Greyson, visit his official website at Greyson-Official.com

Image Credit(s): Youtube
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