Where do matryoshka nesting dolls come from? I mean, really come from?

Roman and Walton of Golden Cockerel timed our visit to Polkhovski Maidan to really find out.

In the spring of each year, when the sap is rising, Maidan villagers venture out
into the forest to harvest the linden trees that will become matryoshkas in the years to
come. In the spring of 2000, this annual event took place as usual, with one exception: a
couple of crazy foreigners (one from America, one from St. Petersburg, which is far
enough removed from Maidan to be considered foreign) tagged along to document the
occasion. The myth is that all pieces are carved from one piece of wood.

Carver approaches a larger lot, say 100 at a time.

Tools: lathe w/ balance bar, four types of chisels(pipe, spoon, knife, hook—each
approximately 2 feet long and heavy!), set of handmade wooden calipers particular to a
size of doll (a drawing or photo w/ arrows & explanation).

Tools are homemade by village blacksmith, etc, from car axles, available resources.
Wooden calipers also home made by carver and one-of-a-kind.

 Photo Credit: YouTube