How You Can Help


We love researching, writing, and developing Tootlee. But it takes hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars a month to sustain. Keeping it a clean, ad-free inspiring experience — which is important to us and, we hope, to you — means it’s subsidized by the generous support of readers like you:

Indirectly, whenever you buy a product through an affiliate link like something from via a link on Tootlee, that sends us a small percentage of its price or via other scattered affiliate links.

Or directly, through gifts from our readers.

So if you find any joy and blessing in doing so, please consider a modest gift — however much you can afford. When it comes from the heart, it’s the kind of gesture that makes us warm with appreciation.

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There are lots of things that can be done to help Tootlee meet the needs of families across the world that want to focus on and inspire good in their lives.

Do you?

  • Like to Write?
  • Like to Edit?
  • Like to Research?
  • Like Doing Web Graphic Design?
  • Like Website Development Coding (CSS, PHP, HTML, WordPress)? 

Are you?

  • Looking for a way to volunteer from home?
  • Looking to make some great additions to your portfolio?

We offer volunteer positions and non-paid internships. Age doesn’t matter!

Contact us if you have talents and time you’d like to share with us.