He doesn’t know how to read, and doesn’t know how to write. He doesn’t go to school or watch TV. He does speak two languages and sometimes stutters. However, this little boy has thoughts that are deeper than many of us have encountered among our adult peers.

Ilia Kramarik was born in 2002. He’s considered a child prodigy by experts because of his unusually profound gifts as a philosopher, poet, and artist. His website opens with this poem.

Ilia is the child of a Lithuanian homemaker mom and an American chef and dietary manager dad. The fourth of five children, his parents have chosen to not school him in the traditional sense of the word but keep him home and let him develop his potential in a loving and strongly supportive atmosphere.

His only sister, Akiane, is also a child prodigy in the areas of art and poetry, so Ilia is not alone in his gifts. Ilia has developed his own place in the world, a place he calls “oneness with the universe.” In faithfulness to that place, he’ll take on a painting project outside where nature can participate in the creation–contributing rain, snow, leaves, grass, branches, and gravity.  Each complex layer of color and nature are abstract depictions of quantum worlds.

I saw life fall in search of me

but could not find me,

because I was hiding

in the box

waiting for my



Ilia – age 7

We thought that poem to be so true. It speaks to the truth behind all the stories here on our website. Life won’t find kids if we hide them in a box waiting for some great destiny to find them. We’ve got to be out there with them, searching for, experiencing, trying out abilities and helping them develop their total potential.

So far, he’s the author of over 2000 poems, aphorisms, and quantum ideas. His first book was written via dictation and was published when he was 6-years old. Since he can’t read or write yet (at least not at that young age), his intricate literary theorems and computations are done via dictation. This kid doesn’t limit himself with inabilities! Ilia is a Tootlee kid. He doesn’t sit in a box waiting for life to find him. Way to Go!

To learn more about this incredible boy, visit his website at IliaPoetry.com.

Image Credit(s): Youtube
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