“Nine years ago, they told me I’d never walk again, no matter what.” Those were the words of Sarah Anderson, a paraplegic. But “they” were wrong! With the help of an incredible new invention from Esko Bionics, Sarah was up walking. The potential of this technology is immense…people who were once completely limited to wheelchairs or beds may soon have the chance at standing and walking like anyone else. If that’s not positive, I don’t know what is!

Amanda, one of Ekso’s test-pilots, has a fantastic optimistic attitude after being injured skiing. She shares in a warm heartfelt manner what can happen to the lives of those who are given the chance to walk again. Excellent story.

Sarah, who you saw in the first video, has a pretty great story herself. She says she’s “…literally, without a doubt, the most stubborn and feisty individual on this planet.” 

Here is Sarah’s story:

For more info, visit: Eksobionics (they’ve got a great website with more fantastic stories and videos)

Image Credit(s): EksoBionics
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