The Smithsonian recently announced the 50 finalists in their 2012 Photo contest. Out of the literally thousands of submitted photos, they have narrowed it down to 50. Voting is now open to the public to select photographer that will get the Readers’ Choice Award. Voting is open until March 29th 2pm EST.

All 50 photos are very unique and artistic in their own way. Here are a few of my favorites. But I’d suggest if you like, you might like to go here and vote for your favorite photo.

I love scenic shots and astronomy both, so this shot of a mountain combined with stars is my favorite for sure. The mountain shown is Mt. Rainer which is just southeast of Seattle, Washington.

Mt. Rainer at sunrise

Image: David Morrow

This photo has some amazing shades of green with the a few color contrasts. Combined with the filtered light, I find it delightful. This was taken in Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia. My oldest daughter thinks this one is absolutely stunning…and I tend to agree.

Bjorn Olesen Bird Photo

Image: Bjorn Olesen

The calm of morning. It speaks peace to me, reminding me of the peace our heavenly Father longs to give each of us. The photo is of river ferries and was taken La Pan Tan, Mu Cang Chay, Yen Bai, Viet Nam.

Viet Nam River Ferry

Image: James Khoo

Beautiful reflections at sunset! We should all reflect a moment and be thankful for those that work hard to provide the things we enjoy. This photo was taken in Vietnam showing workers harvesting salt.

People Harvesting Salt Vietnam

Image: Hoang Giang Hai

After a 2 hour hike in Vietnam, Hai Thinh Hoang captured this great scenic shot from his well-earned vantage point. Those mountains are unique and are so well contrasted not only by the vertical elevation change, but the colors also.

Rice Plots Vietnam

Image: Hai Thinh Hoang

Now, if you’d like, head over to the Smithsonian’s site and vote for your favorite. There are some amazing photos there that are incredible to see; and thanks to all who contributed to that photo contest!

Source: Smithsonian
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