There is an industry–if you can call it that–which is facing significant shortages in qualified employees. And no…it’s not the medical world. It’s actually an¬†industry¬†that has made self-taught high-school dropouts into millionaires and billionaires.

What industry is it? Well…you might not think much about it, but it’s such a big need, someone has built an entire website about it. This website gives people and especially kids a chance to learn about computer programing. That is exactly what is all about. While giving kids a chance to experience the world of programing, it also teaches logic and it opens doors for kids to be creative.

The statistics (according to this video) show a huge shortage of qualified coders compared to the projected job demands. But even beyond a job, look at how coding has helped people start big companies that change our world. If nothing else it, helps us realize how much code plays into our lives, from smartphones, vehicles, shipping, aircraft, health and virtually everywhere today.

There are two versions of the video the long version and the short version. I recommend the long version, but if you’re in a crunch for time then watch the second one below.

Below is the shorter version of the video.

If you have kids, schedule some time with them to go discover more about coding at They even have resources to help adults learn about programming.

Image Credit(s): Riebart
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