It’s almost unbelievable, but your iPhone can actually work even in the Sahara desert! No…Verizon hasn’t trod the planet that far with their ever-reaching cell towers, but this new invention goes where Verizon fears to tread. If you are planning a trip to a remote part of the world, you can take your iPhone with you. All you need to do it get the new Thuraya Sat Sleeve which will allow your iPhone to become a satellite phone.

Thuraya Telecommunications has been in the mobile sat phone business for years, but has just recently created the Sat Sleeve. As you will see in the video, the Sat Sleeve lets you easily put your phone into the sleeve and then attache it to the antenna and extra battery. Yes, an extra battery is included in the device so your phone will have up to 4 hours of talk time.

Currently the price is expected to be at a steep $499 per unit. However, if you want to adapt your iPhone so it works virtually anywhere in Europe, Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Australia, then this just might be something for you. Do be aware that the cost of the calls will be about $1.25 per minute. However if you need to make a call or have an emergency, then you’ll be covered.

Here is a short video highlighting this new invention.

It really is interesting to see how creative people are. With all the new gadgets coming out, it’s just amazing. What I like about this one is it has the ability to help make peoples lives safer.

Image Credit(s): Youtube
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