At 2 years of age, he was diagnosed with autism and placed into his school’s special education program. He failed at finger-painting. At the age of 8, he started sneaking into the back of college classing and then auditing the courses. Then, he shocked his doctors by being able to teach calculus to college-aged students.

Meet Jacob Barnett, the 12 year old boy with an IQ of 170 (which happens to be higher than even Einstein’s score). Also, meet his parents–a couple who thought he was pretty normal when he was just a baby and was figuring the volume of the cereal boxes. They didn’t realize they had a child prodigy on their hands.

Great story of how things can seem bad, when they’re actually very, very good.

Jacob Barnett on 60 Minutes

Jacob Barnett with Glenn Beck

Image Credit(s): Youtube
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