At 15 years of age, Kelvin Doe is an amazingly innovative young man. From the small African country of Sierra Leon where in his neighborhood they are lucky to get electrical power once in a week, Kalvin seeks to improve the community through his passion for electrical engineering. Kalvin’s desire is to help his community and family by inventing things that will help make their lives better.

The challenge for this young man is that his resources are extremely limited in his country, so most of the parts for his electrical inventions come from the trash. But that doesn’t stop him; he is resourceful and finds ways to create improvements for his community in spite of the odds.

Kalvin has been self-taught but recently had the privilege of participating in the “Visiting Practitioner’s Program” at M.I.T He is the youngest person ever to be invited to participate in that program. The arrangements were made by a fellow countryman David Mowing, himself a native of Sierra Leone. David is a PhD student at the M.I.T. media lab and arranged Kalvin’s visit through funding from M.I.T. David first met Kalvin in a summer innovation camp that he runs in Sierra Leone where he challenges kids to think about how to solve the challenges that they face in their community.

Watch Kelvin Doe’s inspirational story below.

What can you do to help foster innovation in children in your community?

You can also support David Mowing’s not profit that was mentioned at the end of the video here.

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Image Credit(s): Youtube
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