He’s only 6 years-old, but his first art exhibition sold out in 14 minutes, netting him over $10,000. What’s amazing though, is that just one year prior to the event, this little kid didn’t even know how to paint!

Kieron Williamson lives in a little upstairs apartment in a European town. At 5 years old, he was like all other 5 year-olds. He loved playing outdoors, exploring the woods, getting dirty in the mud, checking out all the bugs the world offered, and playing ball at school. However, something changed on his family’s first vacation to Cornwall, England. He got bored of the activities he found to do and got inspired by the boats out in the water, so he asked for a sketch pad. Within just a short time, this little boy who had never expressed an interest in drawing previously was busy drawing and painting away.

His parents, Michelle and Keith, noticed that he had an interest there, so they arranged for him to take some art lessons from painters from local art galleries. It seemed that somehow, Kieron had a gift. The instruction of the various folks kind enough to give him some artistic pointers, as well as the high quality paints that his parents supplied for him at his request enabled him to develop that gift beyond the wildest imaginations of anyone.

Kieron Williamson Morston Church

Morston Church by Kieron (Credit: kieronwilliamson.com)

Now, just a year later, he’s called a child art prodigy. His artwork is likened to that of Picasso–with amazing ability in perspective, color, lighting, and imagination. He loves to paint watercolor scenes of the sea shore, streets and buildings, as well as other picturesque scenes. He says he enjoys doing that because it allows him to see things that he cannot see from his small apartment in town.

Kieron is still a normal boy who loves playing his game boy and also active in football and academic work at school. However, he’s now a wold-renowned artist who has gained the respect of people around the world.

Kieron Williamson SeaShore

The SeaShore by Kieron (Credit: kieronwilliamson.com)

In August 2009, Kieron’s paintings made their first public appearance and from that moment on, his life, and that of his parents and younger sister has changed drastically. He’s become a sensation in nearly 35 countries and had numerous media appearances on local and international TV programs. He loves the publicity and because of this, his parents allow him the opportunity when it fits into his schedule. They say that as long as their little boy is happy, they’ll be happy. And, at this point, Kieron is a little boy who’s found his passion in life and it shows.

To learn more about Kieron, visit his website at KieronWilliamson.com

Image Credit(s): kieronwilliamson.com
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