My friend, Lynn Hoag, teaches gardening classes worldwide. He loves to use heaven-inspired methods to grow gardens that produce healing fruits and vegetables and trees that grow faster and better. You might want to schedule one of his seminars in your area, like we did, especially after watching this video.

The creator of this video states that: “The tomatoes we pulled from the plants that where planted in this video where the best I’d ever had. It’s absolutely phenomenal, what is possible in terms of healing when you balance the soil, as it was intended to be. This comes from encouraging a situation where the soil becomes alive and truly benefits the plant in every way. Now add to that, by replacing trace minerals back into the soil with diluted sea salt. The ratio of these minerals are in the same proportion as the trace minerals in your blood stream. This brings a deeper meaning to “ye are the salt of the earth”, and that the “savor” is what brings healing. Praise God for the book of nature and its’ powerful testimony!!!

Lynn Hoag is working on a video that will show step by step how to prepare the soil to grow healing food with a kit called “Garden in Box”. Each box will contain veganic fertilizers, sea salts and worm castings and will provide enough material for 200ft of row or 1000sq/ft garden.” Look for their “Garden in a Box” on their website at

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Image Credit(s): Vimeo
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