What is 91-10? “81”, yells little Aiden. According to him it’s fun doing math. Oh, did I tell you Aiden is three? Yeah, that’s right. He’s three-years old and does a great job at adding and subtracting. Obviously he loves it. He doesn’t always get it right off the top of his head but he sure understands numbers.

Aiden’s parents aren’t  helping him learn just math. Both Aiden and his younger sister Lilly know the countries of the world by shape. Aiden was featured on the Regis and Kelly show when he was two to share his abilities at identifying and naming the countries of the world and their capitals. While he was somewhat shy and not sure he wanted to play the game with them, he certainly wasn’t distracted from what he knew. He didn’t miss a single question.

Part of developing the full potential in kids is giving them a great learning environment. Aiden’s parents seem to have loads of fun helping him learn. The part I especially like is that his days obviously aren’t filled with Elmo’s goofiness. Instead, he’s being given the opportunity to develop his mind in a fun way. Aiden is a Tootlee kid. He’s not stuck on learning the names of all the Sesame Street characters. His parents are helping him be well on his way to developing his total potential!

Image Credit(s): Youtube
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