“Actually, I’m just a normal kid who plays piano, and most, I like inspiring kids”. That’s what Emily Bear wants the world to know.

It was her Grandma who noticed that she had some sort of piano talent. Home watching the kids while their parents were taking a trip, Grandma thought the child doing scales on the piano was one of the older kids who were taking music lessons. To her surprise, it was Emily–the youngest in the family.

Grandma immediately went to work finding the best piano teacher she could find; a job that had to be repeated several times as Emily soaked up the music training. Emily totally loved it.

Just months after beginning her piano studies, she made her first professional performance. This girl, at five years old performed a 40 minute solo program that mixed jazz, classical, and her own compositions at the Ravinia Music Festival in 2007 . The audience absolutely adored her. She was asked to come back and do more solo concerns both in 2008 and 2009.

Emily Bear loves composing music most of all. She plays from the heart and it shows. Audiences all over the world are enthralled by her music–on international television, as a musician at U.S. presidential events, a performer in professional orchestras, and a sensation on national and international tours.

A News Show About Emily Bear

Her Compositions At Six Years Old (what a doll!)

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Another Emily Performance

Imagine now what would have happened to the course of Emily’s life if Grandma hadn’t seen talent in the child playing scales on the piano. Imagine what Emily would be doing if her parents hadn’t taken time and money to get her lessons. Imagine what the world would be like if Emily Bear never was given the chance to fully develop her innate piano abilities at a young age.

Emily Bear would never have known what she was capable of–never. Even if she’d developed her talent later as a teen or adult, she’d never have the memories of music and childhood to look back on and cherish. She would never have known what she, a little girl, was able to do. And that would have been a total shame. Totally.

To learn more about Emily, or to purchase her music, visit EmilyBear.com. One amazing display of her talent is in this short video snippet.

Image: Youtube
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