Talk about dedication! Assams Jadav Payeng planted a 1,360 acre forest in the Assam region of India all on his own. It all started in 1979 after a flood washed snakes ashore on a sandy island. This island was like a giant sandbar with no tree cover for the snakes, so they all died from the heat.

Back in 1979, Payeng was just 16 years old, but he hated seeing all those snakes die. He decided he wanted to do something about the lack of vegetation on this big sandbar. The local forest department said he should try planting bamboo as they felt nothing else would grow there. So, Payeng began planting bamboo. He carefully watered the plants morning and evening, and pruning them as needed.

As he grew older, Payeng choose to live on this sandbar and tend to growing the bamboo. After a few years, there was a wonderful bamboo thicket growing. But that wasn’t enough. Payeng decided to plant and grow trees as well. He even transported red ants to the island so they could change the soil and make it better for the trees.

It wasn’t long before all kinds of vegetation was growing on the island. Endangered animals like the Royal Bengal Tiger and the One Horned Rhino could be found now be found on the former sandbar. After a few more years, birds, deer and cattle could also be found there.

What an amazing change has been brought about in a small area of this planet as a direct result of the dedication of one man.

What could a 100 people do collaborating on a project for 30 years, even if they only put in a few hours every week? The results could shock us!

Image Credit(s): dhaag23
via: The Times of India

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