There’s nothing quite like a waterfall to create a sense of wonder and a feeling of peace. It’s amazing how each one is unique in design. We hope you enjoy these carefully selected photos from waterfalls around the world.

1. Plitvice Lakes Waterfall

Taken in Croatia at Plitvice Lakes National Park


Photograph by Jean Spector


2. Detian Falls

This waterfall is located on the border between Vietnam and China.

Detian Falls

Photograph by SJ photography


3. Rhine Falls

These falls are near Schaffhausen, German and are the largest in Europe.

Rhine Falls in Neuhausen am Rheinfall

Photograph by xuuxuu


4. Waterfall in the Woods


Photograph by aquacan


5. Mossy Rock Waterfall

Mossy Rock Waterfall

Photograph by b. Monginouz /


6. Rainbow & Rouget Waterfall

Rainbow & Rouget Waterfall

Photograph by b. Monginouz /


7. Blue Ridge Waterfall – Virgina

Blue Ridge Waterfall - Virgina

Photograph by ForestWander


8. Formiga Waterfall

Formiga Waterfall

Photograph by Vitor 1234


9. Erawan Waterfall

Located in Erawan National Park in Western Thailand.

Erawan Waterfall

Photograph by Drimascus


10. Blackwater Falls West Virginia

Blackwater Falls West Virginia

Photograph by ForestWander 

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