Do you choose the influences that surround you? 

This morning I read Proverbs 14:7

“Separate yourself from someone when you perceive that they are foolish and they have nothing useful to say, because you will not learn anything good from them.” (paraphrased by me)

This got me thinking about the power of influence and the power of choice. There is no doubt that the environment that we live in has a big impact on us. But do we exercise the power of choice?

You can read in many places where successful people explain that they surrounded themselves with other successful people. Everyday we influence people and people influence us. Are the influences around you helping you follow your path in life?

If you are a parent it’s important to help your kids realize how their friends can impact their future. They might not see it now but if they will take your advice now it can dramatically change their future.

Here is a video that conveys the same idea but from a slightly different perspective.

Comment below and share how you have been influenced positively by someone else.

Image Credit(s): Sean MacEntee
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