Steve created the first FAA certified flying car–a transportation invention inspired by the natives he had served as jungle missionary.  In 2012, Steve was in a terrible accident (not related to the flying car) where he was paralyzed from the neck down. Here, we share the inspiring video by video chronicles of his recovery.

When he was young missionary kid, Steve’s life was changed forever when his dad was killed by the natives he came to serve. Later, the very man who drove spears into his dad, adopted him and taught him how to live like a native.  

Here is the video series that chronicles his attitudes, thoughts, and recovery during the many weeks of rehabilitation. A true missionary spirit!

Steve Saint’s Recovery Part 1

Steve Saint’s Recovery Part 2

Steve Saint’s Recovery Part 3

Steve Saint’s Recovery Part 4

Steve Saint’s Tells the Story of How the Man Who Killed His Father Became Family

What a beautiful, inspiring story! Share what particularly spoke to your heart in the comment section below.

Image Credit(s): Youtube
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