The Harbin China Ice and Snow Festival started in 1985 and is held each year starting on the 5th of January–lasting about a month. All the ice structures are made from ice blocks cut from the Songha River and are then lit up from within–creating these beautiful pictures. This big event draws tourists from around the world. Harbin is also known for being China’s gateway to trade with Russia.

The first section of photos will showcase the night time scenes and the next section will showcase the incredible ice structures during the day.

Harbin Ice Festival

Photograph by LiYan on Wikimedia Commons


Disney Ice Igloos in China

Photograph by on Flickr


Harbin Ice Festival

Photograph by EmmaJG on flickr


 harbin ice 23

Photograph by TaQpets on flickr


Huge Snow Sulpture

Photograph by Rmaddock on flickr


Ice Staircase Harbin Ice and Snow World

Photograph by Dayou_X on flickr


 Harbin Ice Snow Festival

Photograph by Dayou_X on flickr


Hardin Ice colors

Photograph by marsha-marshmello on flickr


The following photos will highlight the festival during the day. As beautiful as the ice structures are lite up at night the daylight reveals another beauty all its own.

 Harbin Ice and Snow Festival 2013

Photograph by Tracy Hunter on flickr


snow steam train harbin, china

Photograph by Rincewind42 on flickr


Harbin Snow & Ice Festival

Photograph by Trent Strohm on flickr


Ice House Harbin

Photograph by thewamphyri on flickr


Ice Temple Harbin China

Photograph by harryalverson on flickr


Harbin Ice and snow show

Photograph by maifel2001 on flickr


Harbin Snow Sculpture Sphinx

Photograph by on flickr

What a display of color, design, and talent.

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