This is a story about a boy who painted in black. When all the other kids were painting beautiful colored photos, all this child could do was paint black–over, and over, and over. His strange behavior worried people.

However, even after all the medical and psychological exams, it turned out he actually…well…if I tell you, I’ll ruin the whole thing. So, I’m going to have to let you watch the video to find out. It’s a short video, but very powerful. Go ahead and watch his story now.

In your busy and hurried life how often have you overlooked greatness in your child? How many times have you failed to realize the power of your child’s mind?

What thoughts, plans, dreams, adventures, solutions and contributions have you killed in your child because you let yourself be to busy to understand?

What possibilities do the kids in your life posses? Do you give them time and space to let it happen? How much has the world lost because kids were not allowed too…

What can you do to allow and encourage greatness in your child?

Share your thoughts…

Image Credit(s): Youtube
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