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Gavin Ovsak: High-Tech, 16 Year Old Inventor

With five inventions already under his belt, Gavin Ovsak is a high school student who keeps very busy. One thing that really stands out about him is his ability to see a need then do something about it!

His CHAD (stands for Circuit Hat Accessibility Device) invention is the one that really caught my eye because my husband has nerve issues which limit his ability to use a mouse. It's an assistive technology device invented for a science fair; however, it's such a great idea that it's now in the process of getting ready for production and distribution.

The CHAD helps people navigate a computer who are normally unable to use a traditional mouse because of physical limitations such as the inability to use their hands. Utilizing complex software, a computer chip mounted to a hat, a mouth piece for clicking, and a USB connection, users are finding that they can now do things that they were unable to do before. It's a tremendous success and is priced quite competitively so that many people who normally couldn't afford an option like this will now have opportunity to do so.

Gavin loves to find problems then come up with solutions for them. In fact, he made himself a senior photo slide show portraying himself as a superhero. He's a 16-year-old superhero who makes peoples’ lives better. Isn't that what all superheroes are supposed to do?

To learn more about Gavin Ovsak, his inventions, and all the awards and press he's receiving, visit his website at

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