Many gardeners haven’t heard about biochar, so we are featuring it for awhile. In this short video, a group are testingĀ  the effects of biochar on two crops, corn and sunflowers. I wasn’t surprised about the results. Biochar treated gardens always do better (if the biochar is properly inoculated first). But what I wasn’t prepared for was what this team found out about a pile of biochar just outside the testing area, and its effect on nearby plants.

We knew carbon can have a charge to it, since that is what contributes to its absorbability. But this experience encourages us to experiment more with biochar (perhaps even without being inoculated with microbes) on top of the ground between the rows, and see what effect that might have on the plants. This would not replace using inoculated biochar in the soil, near the root zone. If you can do this, please let us know what you found out!

Image Credit(s): Youtube
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