Here are a collection of great photos taken from above. Being up above things gives a whole new perspective. Even in life, if we lift up our heads we can get a different perspective on things and it can make all the difference in the world for us.


1. Kallang River

The longest river in Singapore

Kallang River

Photograph by William Cho


2. Maldives Island

Maldives Island

Photograph by Badruddeen


3. Amazon Rainforest – Brazil

Amazon Rainforest - Brazil

Photograph by CIFOR


4. Tinted Clouds From Above

Tinted Clouds From Above

Photograph by Eliya


5. Colors From The Air

These colors are created by huge water pools that are dehydrated to get salts and minerals. The result is colorful! This is near San Francisco California.

Colors From The Air

Photograph by Bob Jagendorf


6. Snow Capped Mountains

Snow Capped Mountains

Photograph by jim h


7. Cloudy Day Over Chicago

Cloudy Day Over Chicago

Photograph by Jennifer Morrow


8. Top Side of the Sunset

Taken over the Dominican.

Top Side of the Sunset

Photograph by Julie Falk

Please share which one was your favorite below in the comments!

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