In light of celebrity stars that make public less-than-ideal choices and lifestyles, Alyson Papalia of Forbes magazine was on a quest to look for kids who could be positive role models for American kids. She was tired of parents having to deal with the big-star teens who have less than ideal public morals. One of the girls chosen to be one of America’s top ten role models was an eight-year-old Vietnamese-American named Wendy Vo.

At age four, Wendy started music lessons. Just one year later she started composing music on her own. At eight years old her compositions totaled 44, and she was working on another one. Not all of them are the of Mozart quality, but there certainly are some great ones. She is one of the youngest members of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), and although I’m not sure if that is a real benefit, it is a great thing to put on her resume. Put her on a piano and you can see she really enjoys the language of music.

You can click this link to listen to several more of Wendy Vo’s compositions.

Another thing that Wendy really enjoys about her childhood is being able to speak 11 languages. In a series of videos on Youtube I watched her demonstrate her fluency in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Hindi, Arabic, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Portuguese, Japanese, and Russian. She says her favorite language is Vietnamese, which is the native language of her parents.

While she certainly is a special kid, she is still just a kid. She needs help to brush her teeth, and even gets in fights with her brother. Being talented doesn’t equal not being a kid–just in case you were wondering.

I don’t know where Wendy’s talent will take her, but we can figure one thing for sure. She won’t be bored. She can hit the keyboard or visit a number of countries and understand everyone. Most importantly though, Wendy is having fun doing what she loves doing–before she becomes an adult!

Image Credit(s): Video Frame
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